Before she was cast to lớn play Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, Gal Gadot was best known for playing Gisele Yashar in the Fast và Furious franchise. We last saw Gisele in Fast & Furious 6, & while it looked like she perished, much lượt thích superhero movies, this is a film series where characters thought dead can still be kicking. So could the same thing happen with Gisele? Could Gadot return lớn this car-centric franchise once Wonder Woman 1984 has come & gone?

As things stand now, Gal Gadot doesn’t have any plans khổng lồ jump back into the Fast & Furious fold, although that’s not to say a return is 100% off the table. When asked by MTV News’ Josh Horowitz if we could potentially see her in another Fast và Furious movie, the actress responded:

Oh wow, I don"t know. I have no idea. Right now it"s not on my to-do list.

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For those who haven’t done a Fast và Furious rewatch lately, Gal Gadot debuted as Gisele Yashar in 2009’s Fast & Furious, where the character was initially working for drug trafficker Arturo Braga, but later became one of Dominic Toretto’s allies. Gisele returned in Fast FiveFast và Furious 6 as a thành viên of Dom’s crew, và during that time she became romantically involved with Sung Kang’s Han Lue. Sadly, Gisele seemingly fell to her death towards the kết thúc of the latter movie, leading Han lớn finally go to Tokyo lượt thích he’d planned to bởi with her, thus setting up the events of Tokyo Drift.

While that’s the last we saw of Gisele Yashar in the Fast & Furious movies, one of Furious 7’s deleted scene was a flashback of her rescuing Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty Ortiz after nearly being killed during the events of Fast và Furious. Now, you might think it’s pretty cut-and-dry that Gisele’s story is over, but don’t forget that while Han Lue was thought lớn have died too, he’s back in play for F9. If the Fast và Furious world operates off the same ‘no body, no death’ rule that superheroes stories do, then there’s always the chance that Gisele could still be alive and has been keeping a low profile all these years.

However, even if the Fast và Furious filmmakers wanted to lớn bring back Gisele Yashar, Gal Gadot would also need to lớn be on board for it. Because Wonder Woman 3 is a ways off due to director Patty Jenkins working on Rogue Squadron next, it may be a while before Gadot plays Diana Prince again. So one wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that’s just the opening needed to squeeze her back into the Fast & Furious saga. On the other hand, Gadot has a few other projects lined up, so scheduling could still be an issue, & it’s hard khổng lồ tell if Gadot is even interested in returning khổng lồ the role at any point.

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So for now, there are no plans for Gisele Yashar to lớn resurface in the Fast & Furious franchise. It was announced a few months ago that following F9, there are only two movies left in the main film series, so the creative minds behind the franchise will need to lớn decided relatively quickly if they want Dominic Toretto và the other protagonists to reunite with her. That being said, the Fast và Furious universe is also being kept afloat with movies like the Hobbs & Shaw sequel và a female-centric spinoff, so perhaps those could also be platforms for Gisele’s return.

If it’s officially announced that Gal Gadot will step back into the Fast và Furious world, we here at will let you know. For now, you can see the actress reprising Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984, which premieres in theaters and on HBO Max Christmas Day.


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