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4:00 PMVIA CONFERENCE TELEPHONE AND/OR THROUGH “ZOOM” clip CONFERENCING AT: Link: 7412369 ************************************* *** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** PURSUANT khổng lồ GAVIN NEWSOM’S EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. N-29-20, THE CLOSED AND xuất hiện SESSION REGULAR BOARD MEETING WILL BE CONDUCTED EXCLUSIVELY VIA CONFERENCE TELEPHONE AND/OR THROUGH “ZOOM” đoạn phim CONFERENCING AT: Link: 7412369 THE BOARD ROOM WILL NOT BE open OR AVAILABLE FOR THE PUBLIC to ATTEND and PARTICIPATE IN THE BOARD MEETING. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC MAY PARTICIPATE AND bình luận AS FOLLOWS: PUBLIC phản hồi MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY ONLINE OR VIA TEXT BEFORE OR DURING THE MEETING to lớn (1,000 character limit): (ONLINE)(831) 524-5100 (TEXT) YOU MAY ALSO RAISE YOUR VIRTUAL HAND IN ZOOM to REQUEST to SPEAK. YOU WILL HAVE TWO MINUTES to SPEAK. PLEASE REFERENCE THE AGENDA thành quả NUMBER IN YOUR WRITTEN COMMENT. THE xuất hiện SESSION MEETING WILL BE STREAMED LIVE THROUGH “ZOOM” đoạn phim CONFERENCING AT:Link: 7412369 SPANISH TRANSLATION AT:Link: 7412369(Select “Interpretation” then “Spanish” option) VIETNAMESE TRANSLATION AT:Link: 7412369 ************************************* In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act và Executive Order N-29-20, if you need special assistance, disability-related modifications or accommodations, including auxiliary aids or services, in order to participate in the public meeting of the Board of Trustees, please tương tác the office of the District Superintendent at guillenm Notification 72 hours prior khổng lồ the meeting will enable the District to lớn make reasonable arrangements lớn ensure accommodation and accessibility khổng lồ this meeting. Upon request, the District shall also make available this agenda and all other public records associated with this meeting in appropriate alternative formats for persons with a disability. The meeting will also be simultaneously streamed with Spanish & Vietnamese translation.

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